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-Dale Turner-

воскресенье, 8 мая 2011 г.

Ryoma Saegami

This post about Ryoma Saegami(Profile),best gyaruo for me ^_^v
Name : 塞上 リョーマ (Saegami Ryouma)
Age : 27
Birthday : 5 february 1984
Blood type : A-
zodiac sign : fish
Height : 169cm
Weight : 53kg 
Hometown : Osaka
Favorite brand : SEVEN
He have got tatto (lion's head on his chest and Phoenix on the left hand
 Favorite colors: red, white, black, gold, silver, light pink.
He started his career in 2003:
* SPIDER Hommes
* Kick Ageha (Hommes)
In autumn 2009, has opened its brand  jewelry for men called ""Extaser" . I love this mark.
Model in   mensknuckle and a host of Club: -Clover- (TOKYO) and off the  blog, which I often read.

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